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Kate Geer; One Year Since Deputy Geer's Death

MESA COUNTY, Colo.- - February 8th marks one year since Kate Geer's Husband Deputy Derek was fatally shot in the line of duty.

"Grief gives you this mechanism to deal with horrible horrible horrific things, you basically shut down and go on auto pilot" said Kate.

Since the incident, Kate has had to overcome a number of firsts, including taking on both parental roles while caring for their two children. "In parenting you can pass off a problem to the other parent when you're at your whits end, there's no more of that. If I'm at my whits end I need to collect myself and figure it out."

As a way to cope with Deputy Geer's tragic death, Kate has participated in a number of events as a way to honor her husband, even stepping out as a spokes person for "Donate Life" after his organs were able to save four lives.

While these last 12 months have been difficult for Kate, she said she has been moving forward thanks to the support received from her friends and family, as well as the local community.  "In many ways we're starting to heal, but we'll never heal from this, I'll ever get over it."

Kate said she will spend the one year annivarary with those who are closest to her.

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