Kindness is Contagious Hand Print Tree

Monday marks the end of a successful Kindness is Contagious week. This year's slogan is "Stomping out the Stigma of Mental Illness." The program organized an event where many people gathered, from students to parents, in order to show their support for those with mental illnesses.
Veniece Miller and Riley Trujillo are juniors at Fruita Monument High School. They are also the organizers behind Kindness is Contagious. "We want to have a conversation rather than keeping silent. And I think that's one of the biggest things is we want to create a support system for students," says Miller.
By coating their palms with bright colors and pushing the print onto a painted tree branch, Kindness is Contagious hopes to leave a lasting mark on the community. "What we really want it to symbolize is the support for anybody that has been affected or is affected by mental illnesses, and we all have been. So by putting your hand print on the wall, you're saying you're there for everybody in the community," explains Miller.

For these high school students, their work through Kindness is Contagious is very rewarding. "No matter what you do, if you touch the life of one person then all of your hard work, there's just purpose behind it," says Trujillo.

They hope Kindness is Contagious will happen again next year. But, Miller and Trujillo maintain the kindness fostered here ought to be continued throughout the rest of the year.

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