Large Number of Mosquitos Hatch

Grand River Mosquito Control District Reduce Adult Mosquitos

GRAND JUNCTION, Colo.- - It is National Mosquito Week, and authorities with Grand River Mosquito Control District say this is fitting, as an unusually large number of Flood-Borne mosquitos have hatched.

Higher than average spring water flow from the Gunnison River has caused these high numbers of mosquitos to hatch. These mosquitos are specifically in the Orchard Mesa area, but can spread to surrounding areas. 

The Grand River Mosquito Control District has began their fogging process, which eliminates the adult mosquitos near the Gunnison and Colorado Rivers. Officials say this is important, especially considering the severity of the viruses the mosquitos can carry. "West Nile Virus, for instance, hasn't been found in the Valley yet this year, but we've had it in years past. So, it's important to protect yourself and your property, in case that virus is again in our area and transmitted by mosquitos," said Tim Moore, the District Manager of the Grand River Mosquito Control District. 

Some ways to guard against mosquitos are to wear protective clothing, make sure screens on windows do not have holes in them, wear repellant with deet in it, and empty any standing water regularly that may be in the backyard. For more information, visit

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