Las Colonias Business Park Aims to Revitalize Lower Downtown

GRAND JUNCTION, Colo. - As construction on the amphitheater at Las Colonias Park is nearing the final stages, design of another major transformation to the park is underway.

The City of Grand Junction has plans to build a business park towards the west of the amphitheater grounds.

"We recognized the opportunity to try and make a community difference." said Thaddeus Shrader, CEO of Bonsai Design.

A local company, Bonsai Design, wants to take it to the next level-- creating a white water park as well.

"We have actually received a number of inquiries from outside companies saying wow this is really neat, how can we learn more?" said Kristi Pollard, the executive director of the Grand Junction Economic Partnership.

The goal now is bring in 10 to 15 other outdoor recreation businesses where you can test and use their products just a short walk away from the businesses.

"They're right on the trail, we have the river right there, there will be ponds there." said Grand Junction Mayor, Phyllis Norris.

The planning picked up after cities in Utah tried to pull bonsai from the grand valley but a vision is keeping them here.

"Bonsai Design elected to push our chips to the middle of the table to see if we couldn't bring a different feel for the Grand Valley," said Shrader.

The project is still being negotiated and awaiting approval from the city council.

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