Latimer House Looking for a New Home

GRAND JUNCTION, Colo. - Since 1996, Hilltop has been using a house off of Main Street to help victims of domestic violence.  However, they recently decided it was time to relocate, but the reasoning behind the relocation brings attention to an unfortunate statistic. 
“It’s limited in space with 5 bedrooms, with the 5 bedrooms it only has 2 bathrooms so sometimes we will have up to 20 people in here with 2 bathrooms,” said Mike Stahl, CEO of Hilltop.  
Those capacity issues has caused Hilltop to agree to a sale of the property that currently holds the safe house.  
“We’ve been thinking about a new safe house for years, but now we have an offer on this home so the timing is right,” said Stahl. 
The house has had capacity issues to the point they have had to send people to different locations.  “But when we are full we are really full and we start utilizing hotels for extra folks as well,” said Stahl. 
Hearing about the capacity issues doesn’t surprise Heidi Davidson of the Grand Junction Police Department.
“Almost 40% of the felony assault crimes that we investigated in 2016 we domestic violence related,” said Davidson.  “Clearly there is a need in our area for these people that re making an attempt to get out of an abusive relationship to have someplace to go.”
Currently Hilltop is considering a few different options.  “We’re not sure if it’s a large house with all the things we need or are we going to look more towards a small apartment complex or maybe a old hotel that can be refurbished,” said Stahl. 
Under the terms of the sale agreement, the house will continue to provide services until June 1st while Hilltop continues to search for a new location.  

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