Local Residents Receive Upgrade

CLIFTON, Colo. - An annual effort to replace old piping started Thursday, June 15th, for roughly 80 individual service connections within the Clifton Water District.

The Clifton Water District said they will be removing black polyethylene (poly) piping with copper piping, which is much more durable and less likely to break after years of use.

The funding for this annual replacement comes from the District's Reserve Account, which is collected through various ways from district customers.

District representatives also said they pick the areas within the 3,200 service connections based off of one main reason. "We target these areas where we've had multiple breaks and we go in and try to replace a bunch of lines all at the same time, so that's what this project is about," said Bret Guillory, Clifton Water District Assistant Manager for Transmission and Distribution.

The areas receiving these new pipe lines are Bristol Ct., Lancaster Gate, Wedgewood Dr., Wedgewood Ave., Chiswick Way, Colorado Ave., Dover Ct., Saxon Ct., Devon Ct., and Cheshire Ct.
Residents living within these areas will receive a 24-hour notice on their door before their water is shut-off and the replacements are made.
This upgrade will last roughly a month and a half, replacing 3-4 services lines a day.
District Officials also want to remind others living within these areas to be cautious of the large machinery along the roadways.

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