Local Woman Shares How Relatives are in Mexico City

GRAND JUNCTION, CO - A local woman is glad to hear her family in Mexico City is safe despite the 7.1 magnitude earthquake that hit Tuesday.

"It was very, very strong," said Maria Cuthbert.

Those are words Cuthbert's family members used to describe the earthquake.

"They were very scared and are still very scared," she adds, but she says her siblings immediately recalled the 8.1 earthquake that hit Mexico City in 1985.

Both earthquakes happened on September 19th, Cuthbert says at the time she was living in Mexico.

"I was in the bathroom, I was getting ready for work and I was brushing my teeth and I could not pull out the toothbrush. I spent the whole earthquake with my toothbrush in my mouth," said Cuthbert.

She says at the time an earthquake hits it's easy to forget what you have to do.

"You are not completely conscious at the moment of the earthquake. You just feel that you can not walk and you try to think 'What do I have to do?' but you are not thinking of the horror that is happening in other houses," said Cuthbert.

Cuthbert and her siblings survived the 1985 earthquake, which is why their initial thoughts are much different. 

"They immediately thought about how many people were going to die, and how many buildings were collapsing," said Cuthbert.

Cuthbert has been communicating with friends and family in Mexico through social media and is glad they are okay.

She is also beyond thankful her family has already began volunteering to help those in need.

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