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March For Science

GRAND JUNCTION, Colo. - Grand Valley residents marched and protested downtown early Saturday as a way to defend science.

People from the Grand Valley marched to defend and advocate for evidence-based science and its role in society.

Locals say this is a march to bring awareness about the subject and also hto old elected officials responsible when implementing policy without looking at the facts.

Those who marched brought signs that read "Science is not fake" and "Climate change is real".

Their goal was to let people know that science should not be ignored.

"It was important that out here on the Western Slope we got our voices heard. It's very important that for elected politicians science is an important part our government," said march organizer Jessica Mason.

March attendee Charlie Post said, "Let's not ignore science. It's gotten us to this point. If we ignore it and we turn around and walk the other direction I think it's going to be calamitous. I think the repercussions are going to be huge."

Organizers of the march has set up an organization Earth Day Everyday --to bring awareness about science.

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