Locals Petition Sen. Gardner for Town Hall

Participants sent Valentines to the Senator hoping he makes a date with Colorado

GRAND JUNCTION, Colo. - Almost 100 grand valley residents drop off valentines for Senator Cory Gardner (R) all in hopes he makes a date with them and Colorado voters soon.
The local participants joined more than 19,000 others from around the state of Colorado delivering petitions with thousands of signatures some on valentines cards-- requesting the republican senator hold a town hall meeting with his constituents.

"It's possible that legislators in Washington [D.C.] who spend lots of time working hard and long, they may end up seeing their lobbyists more than they see there constituents" said one participant, Robert Rickets.
Some we spoke with say they would like to thank him for such things as committing to keep public lands public. Others said they would like to share their concerns about cabinet picks for the Trump administration.

"I and thousands of Coloradans really want our senator to hear our voice, hear our concerns, listen to our opinions and we want to hear from/him as well." said Kayla Dodson, who helped organize the rally.

Demonstrators who gathered today also emphasized they were in no way paid for their participation, as some in the Trump administration claim is happening.

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