Lottery Funds to Help Out Mesa County

Millions of Americans play the lottery, and while they may not win, the money spent towards tickets can benefit the community.  The Department of Local Affairs distributed $12.5 million dollars in Conservation Trust Funds, with nearly $350,000 coming to the Grand Valley. 
“Certain amount of those trust funds are allocated to the different cities and counties and towns, in the state of Colorado,” said Jodi Romero, Finance Director for the city of Grand Junction. 
Grand Junction received $147,118.00 in CTFs for the first quarter of the year.  Fruita received $29,246.38 and Palisade received $6,212.03.  The money is based on population in the city. 
Grand Junction is going to use the money for a few ongoing projects. “These funds, are dedicated for use on the los colonies amphitheater, the replacement of playground equipment, some repairs on the River front trail some repairs to some tennis courts as well as some pools,” said Romero.
Fruita plans to use the money to improve outdoor trails and upgrade the playground at Reed Park. 
Without these funds, some worry things would look a lot different.  “I would venture to say some of those projects, wouldn’t happen at all,” said Romero.


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