Mesa County Housing Market Shows Positive Signs

MESA COUNTY, Colo. - 2016 was a great year for real estate in Mesa County, and 2017 picked up right where last year left off.  According to the January 2017, Bray Real Estate report, a lot of critical market numbers are up from this time last year.  

“It’s only middle of February and the trend is continues to be on an upward climb,” said John Duffy, Realtor for Bray Real Estate.
Local builders are busy with the highest number of new residential construction starts in January since 2008, which is a 250% increase from this time last year.  
“Inventory is low which makes it harder for people to find a house that they want, and that is also pushing up building permits,” said Duffy. 
The number of homes sold is up 5%, and the median price of those sold homes is up 11%.  The increase of new residential construction benefits many people in Mesa County. 
“It’s good for the builders, and it’s good for a selection of buyers to buy new inventory as well as resale homes,” said Duffy.  
So while Grand Junction isn’t a housing market like Denver, Duffy thinks some of the increase in numbers are thanks to people coming from places like the Mile High City. 
“With customers I deal with directly, I think there is a market for believe it or not, from people from the front range,” said Duffy.  
So with this continued trend, which Duffy thinks will grow more this year, expect more people to consider Mesa County, home sweet home. 

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