Microsoft Word Security Breach and Email Security

What you need to know to protect your personal files.

GRAND JUNCTION, Colo. - Over the weekend, Microsoft Word encountered a security breach that took two days to patch and resolve.

Eric Metzner, owner of No Ware Computer Repair said, "In the case of the recent Microsoft vulnerability with Office, fortunately Microsoft was really quick about patching that. They got it, oh goodness, working in two days, so that shouldn't be an issue with most users."

For those using the Microsoft Office Suite, the patch was automatic thanks to the suites integrated online platforming, but others using an older version will need to manually update their systems.

These Word document attacks come from opening tampered Word documents that can be downloaded through email.

"In the future a good rule of thumb is don't open emails if you don't know who they're from. Don't download the attachments to those emails. Always make sure your software is up to date," said Metzner.

Using the right anti virus tools will help protect as well.

"When it comes to antivirus especially free antivirus being so popular, unfortunately you get exactly what you pay for without the premium protection. That being said I would recommend a decent and reputable antivirus," said Metzner.

Even using the right browser can help increase virus protection.

"I would say that using browsers like Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome browser are a little bit safer than Internet Explorer or Microsoft Edge mostly for the fact that with Firefox or Pro you don't have to manually download things like the Adobe Flash Plugin which you're always hearing about is a huge vulnerability," said Metzner.

These tips should help others notice and red flags or warning signs when on the internet.

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