Mobile Meters In Downtown Grand Junction

GRAND JUNCTION, Colo.- - Parking in downtown can be a hassle to some.  In order to help with that frustration, Grand Junction has partnered with a company called Passport to making parking a little more easier. 
“One of the biggest complaints I hear about our parking meters downtown is that I never carry change,” said Allison Blevins, Communication and Marketing Director for the Downtown Development Authority.  
So for those who don’t carry coins, the city decided to make a change.  They launched a new app called “PassportParking” where you can control a parking meter from your phone.  
“”This is the first time Grand Junction has had this type of app and we’re really excited to bring it to the city and hopefully it’s very well received,” said Conor Buckley, of Passport. 
With this app you can pay for parking on a meter or in the downtown parking garage, check how much time you have left from your phone, and be able to add time if needed. 
After writing just less than 5,000 parking violations in the city last year, Blevins hopes this app will help reduce those tickets.
“I would guess that we will be writing less parking tickets because I know a lot of times people say I would have paid but I didn’t have change,” said Belvins. 
You can download the app for free from Google Play or the App Store. 

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