Monument View Montessori Charter School Open House

Monument View Montessori Charter School Open House has a Petting Zoo

FRUITA, Colo.- - A new Montessori School will be opening this August. It will be called the Monument View Montessori Charter School. Melanie Harmon is the founder and head of school, and she has been working on this project for over a year now.

"I am very excited... I think it is very important for families to have choice in education and a Montessori school is one of those great opportunities for our families in Fruita," says Harmon. The open house included a petting zoo, where children got to interact with the animals. This is reminiscent of the hands-on type of learning environment created by a Montessori school.

Harmon has been a teacher since 1998, and she is a strong believer in Montessori schools. "Being an educator and parent, Montessori makes sense for children. It's authentic learning and children, when they are being taught something that is real and makes sense to them that they're interested in, they are going to retain that information," says Harmon.

Parents at the open house learned about the benefits of this unconventional education. Some of them have directly experienced these positive effects of a Montessori education. Josh Ammon has had his daughter in Montessori school for three years now. "I would say that a Montessori education is something that children can learn outside of the box... They'll take them where they're at and then develop them over the course of time, so that they'll be where they need to be. Yeah, that's the beauty of Montessori," says Ammon.

And for Harmon, her end goal is "bringing everyone into work towards a common goal which is the education and the betterment of their child."

If you want to find out more about Monument View Montessori Charter School, you can check out their website at They are now accepting enrollment forms.

The animals at the petting zoo were provided by Studt's pumpkin patch.


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