More Recreation Opportunities Coming to Disabled Communities

Groundbreaking of New Colorado Discovery Ability Center

GRAND JUNCTION, Colo. - The groundbreaking ceremony of a new adaptive recreation center for Colorado Discover Ability (CDA) took place on August 1 at Las Colonias Park. 

CDA is a non-profit that provides outdoor recreation opportunities for disabled individuals. The sports can range from skiing to rafting, and the new center will have direct access to the Riverfront Commission's Bike Path. 

Keegan Reilly is a board member of CDA, and also benefits from their outdoor recreation. "It's always been a really big help, having those kind of people around to help move me forward, and make it to the next step in life," said Reilly.

The new adaptive recreation center will be named after Andrew Blood, due to his donations that supported the project. Blood said he is happy to see CDA expanding. "To make Grand Junction home to the disabled community means everything to me," said Blood. 

To find out more about Colorado Discover Ability visit their website at

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