Motivational Speaker Tells Students to Never Give Up on Life

It is known that suicide is a major problem in the Grand Valley, but on Wednesday, Fruita Monument High School hosted an motivational speaker who preaches how life is a gift.  
Jon Pritikin, who has traveled all over the world sharing his own personal story of overcoming bullying, insecurities, and loneliness.  
“I get to travel all over the world been in over 40 something different countries over eight and a half million students and I get to share what’s happening in my life,” said Pritikin.  
After a recent trip from Tokyo, Pritikin came to the Grand Valley after being told of the suicide rates in Mesa County. 
“It seems like right now there’s a little bit of an epidemic of it and it breaks my heart,” said Pritikin.  From 2007-2014 the suicide rate in Mesa County was double the average United States rate, and teenagers between 15-19 years old attempt suicide at a much higher rate in Mesa County.  
“There are a lot of students here just going through some tough times and they just need someone to talk to,” said Pritikin. 
Pritikin embraces being that person to talk to as he continues to share his message as often as he can.  “The tough times you’re in won’t last your whole entire life, there is light on the other side just don’t give up,” said Pritikin. 
If you or anyone you know are having a suicide crisis, contact the national suicide hotline at 1-800-273-8255.


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