Mountain Bikes Combat Classroom Distractions

A Fleet of Mountain Bikes Coming to East Middle School

GRAND JUNCTION, Colo.- - As students are gearing up for summer, teachers at East Middle School are prepping for an arrival of mountain bikes, which will be used in the fall semester as a way for children to exert energy between classes.

East Middle School is a recipient of the "Riding for Focus" grant in the Specialized Bicycle Company Foundation. "The idea being that they're trying to replace dosages of pharmaceutical grade ADHD medication with a dose of exercise," says Patrick Roenicke, a sixth grade teacher at East Middle School.

Anthony Keeler is one of the students excited about these bikes and getting to use them as breaks between classes. "You'll be excited for riding the bikes, so you'll want to get through your work to get to the bikes. So I think that might help a lot," says Keeler.

Many of the students say they are grateful to the hard work of the teachers in obtaining this grant. "I appreciate all the teachers going that extra mile to help us get the bikes for the exercise we need," says Javier Diaz, a sixth grader at East Middle School.

The bikes are expected to be implemented into the classrooms by the fall semester of 2017.

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