National Bagel Day Brings Major Business To Local Bagel Shop

"Bagels Have Been Flying Out Our Doors!"

GRAND JUNCTION, Colo. - We stopped by Main Street Bagels to see how business has been for the day, and the owner tells us the bagels have been flying out the door.

Typically, the bakery crafts 400 to 800 bagels among their 15 different varieties.

They've been running more than 23 years on Main Street and they use an adapted cooking style since they moved locations from California to our dryer, high-altitude climate. 

The shop averages 250 to 500 plain bagels every day, and tend to see higher sales during the winter which they say helps since business tends to slow down during that season for many other shops.

The surge of bagels sold today even took the owner by surprise.

"You know what, I'll tell you the truth; we didn't know it was, but we've been busier than normal as far as how many bagels we sold", says Mark Smith the Owner of Main Street Bagels.

The shop is opening to sell those bagels a little bit faster by opening an express lane and hope to roll it out within the next few weeks.

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