National Dump the Pump Day

Thursday, June 15th, marked, National Dump the Pump Day, encouraging citizens to ride public transportation instead of driving.
The latest American Public Transportation Association (APTA) Transit Savings Report showed how a two person household with one car could save more than $9,700 a year, on average, if they use public transportation versus a personal vehicle.
To help with Dump the Pump Day, Grand Valley Transit Officials asked the public to explore the benefits of leaving your car parked for the day to ride the bus.
"People who take the bus take 30 percent more steps everyday than non-transit riders. Another great reason to ride the bus and dump the pump is to improve air quality. Across the Grand Valley, we have great air to breath, but we could make it even better," said Elizabeth Collins with Mesa County Regional Transportation.
If you would like to learn more about how much you could save by riding public transit, visit, to use the public transportation fuel savings calculator.


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