New Campaign for Elderly Transportation

As you're getting older, getting behind the wheel may become increasingly difficult, which is why a new initiative is working to teach seniors to recognize when it's time to hang up your keys.
The "Fit to Drive" Campaign is meant to encourage those 65 years and older, to consider different transportation methods, since your driving ability declines with age.
With the initiative promoting the older population to use public transportation, Grand Valley Transit, All Points Transit, and Road Runner Stage Lines have offered resources and education on how to use their services from a grant awarded to each company through the Colorado Department of Transportation (CDOT).
According to CDOT, between 2012-2014, drivers 65 and older represented 65% of total drivers involved in fatal crashes, and safety officials believed by using public transportation, this percentage could be reduced dramatically.
"Many adults don't know how to ride the bus, and Grand Valley Transit and All Points Transit and Roadrunner Stage Lines, who are the public transit agencies involved in this grant, all have travel training options available as well as trip lining assistance," said Transportation Planner for Mesa County Regional Transportation Planning Office, Elizabeth Collins.
You can visit for more information, and to learn more about potential discounts when using this public transportation.


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