New Jet for the Denver Air Connection

GRAND JUNCTION, Colo.-The Denver Air Connection is a charter jet company that has flights from Grand Junction to Denver.

For years passengers have asked for a larger, faster plane, now, officials say they're finally stepping it up for customers.

Their newest plane is an update from their old turboprop aircraft.

The jet now holds 30 passengers, compared to 18 in the old plane.

With the powerful jet engines, the travel time to Denver has been reduced by 10 minutes.

Passengers will be able to relax in more comfortable seats, while being served drinks and snacks from a flight attendant.

The bigger jet will also handle better in turbulence.

With all of these improvements, the price for tickets on the new jet is only seven dollars more than the old turboprop aircraft.

The first flight for the new jet will take place on May first, and will arrive here in Grand Junction.

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