New Psychiatric Hospital Coming to Grand Junction

GRAND JUNCTION, Colo. - Officials with West Springs Hospital, which holds the only psychiatric hospital between Denver and Salt Lake City, say they’ve been dealing with capacity issues.  However, thanks to a recent investment, construction on a new building is in the future and will help with those issues. 
“We do not have the capacity to meet that demand currently,” said Kim Boe, Vice President of West Springs Hospital. 
Due to that demand, a patient in need, may not have the patience to wait. 
“When we are full, those individuals drive to Denver or Aurora, wherever we can help those families find an in patient psychiatric hospital bed,” said Boe. 
Now West Springs is looking to solve that problem with the help of a recent $250,000 investment from the El Pomar Foundation. 
“These gifts will actually make it possibly to put our facility together and build this facility,” said Boe.
The facility mentioned is a new 65,000 square foot psychiatric hospital, which is an upgrade from the current 17,000 square foot facility. 
“This new hospital is going to provide a really safe place for patients to be treated, for more patients to be treated as well as for the staff to do a very good job of treating those patients,” said Francis Lotrich, Medical Director for West Springs. 
The current psychiatric hospital has enough room for 32 beds.  This new facility will have 64 beds, doubling their amount, which is something Western Colorado needs. 
“The western slope is clearly very behind and missing the correct and proper number of beds we need to take care of the folks who reside on this side of the state,” said Boe.
The new facility will also include outdoor courtyards, a gymnasium, and a full service kitchen. 
“Having it be a comfortable place to sleep to see the sunlight to be able to go outside is important,” said Lotrich. 
The project is expected to be completed by late 2018, or early 2019.

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