No Open Burning Monday

The county banned open burns due to high winds.

MESA COUNTY, Colo. -    The Mesa County Health Department declared today a 'No Burn Day', due to high winds across the Grand Valley.

We're right in the peak of burn season and officials with the Grand Junction Fire Department say they've already issued more than 1,800 burn permits, since the season started on March 1st in Grand Junction alone. Local fire officials say that thousands more have been issued in Mesa County.
    Experts say windy days like today can agitate pollen allergies, but this time of year is chosen for controlled burns because of the less stagnant air, which helps move the 'particulate matter' from fires out of the air.

"If the air is stagnant the pollen will settle and won't affect people with allergy much but, the particulate matter won't blow out and that will affect people by irritation. If the winds blowing then the pollen climbs, but the particulate matter blows out of the valley, so it's kind of a give or take." said Dr. David Scott, a doctor at the Asthma and Allergy Center of Western Colorado.
If you suffer from respiratory disease, or are sensitive to harsh air conditions... It's recommended that you avoid strenuous activity during the afternoons, with the best time for exercise being in the *morning.
    Officials also say that high elevations tend to have less particulates in the air. So far, no decision has been made regarding burn conditions for tomorrow.

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