North Ave. May Soon Become University Blvd.

GRAND JUNCTION, Colo. - North Avenue, one of the busiest roadways in Grand Junction, has been undergoing a number of improvements over the past year.  However, the changes may not be over just yet. 
The plan to revitalize it could result in a name change from North Avenue, to University Boulevard.  All in an effort to help grow the number of students at Colorado Mesa University. 
 “The whole concept of raising the visibility of the university in the community, it just makes sense,” said Diane Schwenke, of the Grand Junction Chamber of Commerce. 
Schwenke says CMU brings in around $450 million to the local economy every year, so making the area more welcoming to students could add to that number. 
“The recognition, the acknowledgment, and the acceptance, and the fact we welcome the presence of a university and that’s what you can do with a name change,” said Schwenke. 
The initiative to change the name isn’t the only plan, but continuing to improve the infrastructure of North Ave with things like fixing sidewalks, and improving medians. 
“It’s not just the name change, it’s also the improvement, you re-brand the corridor, and you help shake off the stigma that North Ave. has earned so we don’t become Colfax,” said Kevin Bray, of North Avenue Owner’s Association. 
Changing the name isn’t a simple process, and can cause some issues for some businesses with their addresses or even names of their companies. 
“Part of this process is finding out who those businesses are and how we can help assist through that process,” said Bray. 
The process will conclude with the vote from city council, a vote many will be anticipating. 


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