Passion 4 Hope Vendor and Craft Fair Giant Check Presentation

The Craft Fair Presents $2,600 to the Grant a Wish Program

GRAND JUNCTION, Colo.- - The eighth annual Passion 4 Hope Craft and Vendor Fair presented a giant check revealing how much money they raised for the Grant a Wish Program at the Avalon Theater on Saturday, March 18th. The total amount for this years Fair is $2,600, which will go towards supporting local youth. 

The Grant a Wish Program provides local youth with scholarships pertaining to subjects they find interesting. These can range from things like parkour to dog obedience classes. "I'm so excited for today, to be able to find out how much we'll be able to give back to the youth in the community," says Mackenzie Dodge, the Chair of the Board for the Grant a Wish program. 
The organizers behind the Passion 4 Hope Craft and Vendor Fair are Sonja Kent and Joyce Lowe. They say they are excited to have the Grant a Wish Program as their new beneficiary this year. "Our hearts in it for the kids and for anybody that is in need of scholarships. If they want to dance, if they want to do sports or whatever, it helps them with the fees," says Lowe. 
Kent and Lowe had previously donated to organizations like Relay 4 Life and Hope West. This is the first year working with the Grant a Wish program, and it is also the largest donation ever made from the Passion 4 Hope Craft and Vendor Fair. The organizers are happy to be helping provide opportunities for the youth in the area. "Joyce and I are both very involved with children in the Valley. She's been doing the Sunday School program at church, she taught my grandchildren. And my husband and I have been doing foster care for 25 years. So, we're very involved with the kids and think it's a worthy cause," says Kent. 
Dodge says she appreciates Kent and Lowe's commitment to the community. "The one thing that really means the most to me about all this is that these are just two local ladies that saw a need in the community and said 'what can we do?' They're not sitting around waiting for someone to make changes, they are part of the change," says Dodge. 
There are plans to have the Grant a Wish Program as the beneficiary for next years Passion 4 Hope Craft and Vendor Fair. "We just want to thank the community for coming out and supporting us last weekend. It was a big success for us, it really was, and we just want to thank all of our vendors and everybody that showed up," says Lowe.
To find out more about the Grant a Wish program, you can check out their website at this link.

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