PAWS Memorial Service Allows Locals to Say One Last Goodbye

Sadly All Pet Owners Know they Must Eventually Say Goodbye

GRAND JUNCTION, Colo. - They say "Home is Where the Heart is", and for many pet owners, this couldn't be truer.

But sadly all pet owners know they must eventually say goodbye.

The PAWS Memorial Service on Sunday allows owners that emotional moment to remember their late companions.

The services are hosted by the Church of the Nativity and are complete with eulogies and memories of the loved ones who have passed on.

"The lives of animals are very important to us. Those of us who have an animal understand that animal-human bond, and that's really what this service is about is honoring that bond and how strong it is", says Teri Shecter, the Minister of the Church of the Nativity.

"It's usually dogs and cats that are here, but we've had parakeets, chickens, rats, and a turtle", says Lynne Habberfield, the accountant for the Church of the Nativity.

This is a semi-annual memorial service with the next one available in the month of May.

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