Phone Scams increase within Grand Junction `

Seniors are beign targeted through phone scams

GRAND jUNCTION, CO - Law Enforcement Officials say phone scams come in waves and right now residents of Grand Junction are being victimized.

Officials say many people especially seniors have reached out the them saying they are receiving dozens of phone scams. 

Victims who falls for these calls can be scammed out of thousands of dollars and personal information. 

Currently there are two new scams circulating, one of them saying you have missed jury duty and if you don't pay up there will be a warrant issued for your arrest. 

Megan Terlecky, PIO for the Mesa County Sheriff's Office explains the other scam, "People pretending that they are from Medicare praying on our seniors their pretending that they are someone from Medicare and they are saying hey have you gotten your new Medicare information is you have we need to set up an appointment to come to your house." 

in order to make the community aware the Grand Junction Police Department has created a blog with helpful tips of what to do when being scammed and Heidi Davidson, PIO for the Grand Junction Department says there are printable signs,"A printable flyer that we are making available to the community and we are really reaching out to partner with the community to think about people that you know that might benefit from having this information posted visibly maybe right by their phone or on their fridge."

Officials say what makes these scams seem so reel is because scammers pretend to be from The Mesa County Sheriff's Office and use names of deputies. One thing to remember is that government agencies will never call and officials say to not be afraid to hang up and call the agency to confirm.

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