Police Vehicle Poisoning Concern

GRAND JUNCTION, Colo. - With the recent uncertainty over Ford Explorers with excessive levels of carbon monoxide in the vehicle cabins, a concern for our local emergency personnel has been brought to attention.

Many crashes and damaged vehicles have been reported throughout the country from drivers passing out at the wheel due to this problem, according to CBS News sources.

In response, a precautionary measure was taken locally with the Grand Junction Police Department, placing carbon monoxide detectors in the 26 Explorers in their fleet.

The detectors sit above the front passenger seat on the visor and change color when carbon monoxide is present.

GJPD Information Coordinator Heidi Davidson said, "We're certainly eager to make sure that, that safety measure was put in place in a visible area that the officer can continually check the levels in the cab of the vehicle throughout their shift." Davidson added, "[We] are fortunate and happy to say that we haven't had any issues reported here."

Davidson also said safety is a priority not just for the citizens but for officers as well, making sure everyone travels home safely.

A statement from Ford reads: "Safety is our top priority.  We continue to investigate.  We have not found elevated levels of carbon monoxide in non-Police Ford Explorers.  To address police customers who drive modified vehicles in unique ways, we are covering the costs of specific repairs in every Police Interceptor Utility that may have carbon monoxide concerns, regardless of modifications made after leaving Ford's factory."

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