Pothole Season Arrives

WESTERN SLOPE, Colo.- - As the spring season arrives, it provides the perfect recipe for potholes to develop in the streets across the state. These roadway nuisances can occur on any form of pavement.

Even though parts of the Western Slope have not experienced the perfect conditions for potholes to occur in the recent weeks, roadway officials said we can still expect more of these conditions to appear as we enter into the later half of the season.

Potholes form from what the Colorado Department of Transportation (CDOT) calls the freeze-thaw effect, which leaves a decreases the strength of the road's foundation from snow and rain seeping into it. CDOT further explained as the water in the foundation freezes and thaws, it expands and contracts the roads surface, resulting in cracks that can ultimately create potholes.

"During the latter part [of spring], you can see periods where the weather changes from very warm conditions, warm at night and warm during the day to subfreezing temperatures, well below during the night. In terms of stress on the road, obviously you're going to see a wide range of temperatures this time of the year," said Norv Larson, Meteorologist with the Grand Junction National Weather Service.

Depending on the size of the pothole, your vehicle may experience damage. "It could create a bubble on the side wall which the tire would need to be replaced or it could just be a puncture and a puncture we'd be able to fix as long as it's in the tread area," said Tim Stewart, Store Manager for Discount Tire. Stewart also explained how the pricing can vary on the damage depending on the product you have on your vehicle.

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