Powderhorn Begins Snow Making Process

MESA, Colo. - For us skiers and snowboarders out there, it's almost our favorite time of the year.

Those at Powderhorn Mountain Resort have already started kicking off their snow making in hopes of opening their doors a bit earlier.

As of now, they are currently in the process of making their base snow. The base is made to help the natural snow stick to it once it starts falling. It also allows them to open up early, as well as stay open later.

Those at Powderhorn said this is a big part of the season for them for several reasons.

"Temperatures are finally starting to get a little bit cooler, so we know the snow is coming. People get excited about the snow coming this time of the year. We have our early bird season passes until November 12. It's just a way to get people excited and prepared for the winter season," said Eric Almanzar, Marketing Coordinator with Powderhorn.

Right now, you can snag an adult pass for $499.00. That price will go up to $599.00 after the November 12 deadline.

Those with Powderhorn said they are aiming to kick off their season starting December 15.

There will also be a SkiSwap Friday and Saturday at the Colorado Mesa University Maverick Pavilion Center. People will be able to get discounts and deals on equipment, as well as free ski and snowboard waxes.

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