Proposed 2018 Budget for Mesa County

GRAND JUNCTION, Colo. - Mesa County's 2018 proposed budget was released today, showing some serious budget cuts for various organizations here in the Grand Valley.

In 2017, all department budgets were cut by 5% with the exception of public safety. The Sheriff's and DA's office were kept at what they call a "safe harbor."

However, they said they cannot continue to sustain the expense for the upcoming year.

"It was a combination of cuts to various departments for the sheriff and DA combined for 2017. We are proposing that that has to be eliminated if there is nothing done for revenue in 2017," said Frank Whidden, County Administrator.

The sheriff's office would lose funding of about $1.2 million if the proposed budget passes. In addition, the DA would lose up to $500,000 worth of funding. This would reach about $1.7 million total combined.

A yes vote on measure 1A on the November ballot could change things. However, without the measure passing, they said this could lead to several job cuts and defunding to these organizations.

Whidden said the budget proposed was one that they had to do to be financially responsible. The final budget is expected to be released during the beginning of December.

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