Proposed Event Center in Downtown Grand Junction

GRAND JUNCTION, Colo.- - On Friday a conference giving more details of what a proposed event center will do for the economy was held, and the development is in the hands of voters. 
The proposed event center will be located on the property of the Mesa Pawn Shop located downtown and will seat 5,200 people.  
“The board heard presentation from the city about the new event center proposal and we really looked at it from an the perspective of economic development,” said Tim Fry, who is the Chair of Grand Junction Economic Partnership.  
The proposal will renovate the current Two Rivers Convention Center and tear down the Mesa Pawn shop.  The proposed event center will create over 400 jobs, and bring in an estimated 80,000 visitors to the Grand Valley.  The plan to fund this $62 million dollar event center results in a 1/4 of a cent sales tax increase.  
“The basic quarter cent sales tax is will cost the citizens of Grand Junction 30 dollars a year,” said Mike Anton, a committee member for the event center.  
The event center would hold many events with the hope to bring an independent hockey league team and possibly an NBA D League team.  
“The Nuggets and the Jazz both are looking at an NBA D League, and honestly speaking they are looking at here,” said Anton.  
The event center will rest in the hands of the citizens when the tax increase is on the ballot on April 4th, 2017.  
“Kind of a small impact on the local individuals but having a much greater impact on the local economy,” said Fry. 

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