Raising A Cup to Voting

Pomona Elementary School's Student Council Sends Message to Community

GRAND JUNCTION, Colo. - When driving down Patterson and past Pomona Elementary School, it's nearly impossible to miss the messages spelled out in plastic cups on the fence. In their newest message, student council decided to spell out the word VOTE because they are trying to encourage people to cast their votes in the last few days before the election.

The students have been learning about their civic duties, and how important it is to vote. "We have the freedom to vote in America, and some other countries don't... I would vote if I could," said Brenae Snover, a fifth grader at Pomona Elementary School.

Pomona Elementary School is not crossing any campaign boundaries with this message, because it was the children's decision and not the staff's, the fence with the cups is on city property, and the message does not specify what to vote or how to vote.

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