Recent Fires Taking a Toll on Grand Junction Fire Department

It has been no secret the Grand Junction Fire Department has been busy the last few weeks battling fires.  Due to that, those fires have not only taken a toll on the staff, but also their supplies.
“This summer’s been a very, very, busy season,” said Duncan Brown, Battalion Chief of GJFD. 
According to the GJFD, the fire volume is up 45% over the last five years, and the constant work this season is taking its toll. 
“Each time we fight a fire we expend a lot of supplies,” said Brown.
Supplies like the foam that’s needed to help extinguish fires has been used so much, their year long supply lasted only half of that. 
“July 3rd we had to order more just to make it through the ongoing fire season,” said Brown. 
While hydration to fight the fires is abundant, hydration for another reason is going quickly. 
“The gatorade and the water we use to hydrate the crews, we have been buying that at an incredible pace,” said Brown.
The toll extends past the supplies as well.  On the GJFD’s blog, they posted a picture of an exhausted firefighter, which represents how a lot of the staff currently feels. 
“We’ve had so many fires and they have been of such significance, we’ve had to call people back on their days off,” said Brown.
With hazardous weather conditions for the next few weeks, firefighters working on their days off may continue. 
“If it continues to be hot and dry, and windy, we can expect more fires in the future,” said Brown. 
So while the community needs to help of the fire department, the fire department also needs help from the community.  
“As a community, we rely on our neighbors and if one neighbor is careless, starts a fireworks fire, or another accidental fire, this can take a huge toll,” said Brown. 
Just a reminder, stage one fire restrictions are still in place. 



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