Rep. Scott Tipton and Sen. Cory Gardner Talk about their Plans for the Western Slope

GRAND JUNCTION, CO - Club 20 members have gathered Saturday morning to hear what plans their congressman and senators have for the Western Slope.
Both Republican Rep. Scott Tipton and Republican Sen. Cory Gardner from Colorado touched on the issue of bettering the local economy.
"When we are looking at job opportunities let's make sure that we are getting that broadband deployment out and into our rural communities, so that we can grow jobs here. Let's look at our regulatory environment that our chambers and our small businesses have talked to us about that are inhibiting their ability to be able to grow jobs," Tipton said.
"We can create thousands of good paying jobs in the private sector by bringing more people and allowing more families to make a decision to stay here. So I'm excited about the opportunities that Western Colorado has," Gardner said. 
Along with plans for the economy, job growth sparked the subject of reusable energy and natural gas projects.
"I think for us in Western Colorado we've advocated for a long time about Jordan Cove," Tipton said.
Tipton explains that he sees hundreds of jobs that can come from the Jordan Cove project.
"We have the opportunity to be able to create American energy security here. To create American jobs and if you're worried about the trade deficit to be able to export this product as well. To be able to create those opportunities for our people," said Tipton.
Democratic Rep. Michael Bennet from Colorado did not show up to voice his plans, but as for Gardner he would like the public to know a few things, "Well in the Western Slope obviously it's about jobs, it's about our economy, it's about incredible outdoor beauty, recreation opportunities and that's what I'm focused on."
When asking Tipton what other issues are being reviewed in Washington here's what he said, "You know the first issues were looking at in Washington right now is obviously going to be terms of the appropriations process, which will allow us to move forward into tax reform."
Once lawmakers finished they were able to answer any questions, and audience members were glad they could voice their concerns.

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