Residents Help Stop Spread of Fire at Vega Lake

COLLBRAN, Colo. - The Platuea Valley Fire Department is thanking residents and vacationers who stopped the spread of a structure fire north of Vega Lake State Park around 3 p.m. Saturday afternoon.

Invesitagtors say the fire started from a campfire that was not completly extinguished. It spread to the dry brush in the immediate area, the cabin, an out building, and burned down a power line. 

Authorities on scene say, the fire didn't spread to other structures nearby because residents and recreators near by tried to fight the fire with buckets of water and hoses.

The cabin was a complete loss but, no one was hurt.

Up to 60 residents in the surrounding cabin development had to evacuate for nearly two hours.

Fire officials warr, even without fire restrictions in place, conditions remain dry and urge those who make camp fires make sure they are completly extinguished. They say, a fire is only completly estiguished when the remenants are cold to the touch. 

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