RESILIENCE: Helping People Who Help Others

Leadership Orientation Breakfast for RESILIENCE 2018

GRAND JUNCTION, Colo. - Some career paths entail dealing with trauma on a daily basis, so a new initiative is launching as a way to help the people who help everyone else.

The year long program is called RESILIENCE, and local participants held their first leadership orientation meeting about the upcoming classes on January 26. RESILIENCE is hosted by the Counseling and Education Center, which is a group dedicated to those who work in professions where they are exposed to various traumatic or stressful situations. "RESILIENCE is meant to be aware of when things are going badly for yourself, and then how to take steps to be proactive and to be strong, and to really be the sharper tool for that next wave of bad news," said Chris Mueller, executive director of the Counseling and Education Center.

Several organizations are partnering with the group, including animal welfare groups, law enforcement agencies, and community non-profits. Those with the program said this is especially important in Mesa County. "Our community has had some, you know, some difficult things. There's been a rise in the crime rate for example, and of course we've had... our suicide rate is quite high here, and that ripples out and affects a lot of caregivers, a lot of families," said Sydney Elks, a licensed professional counselor.

RESILIENCE will host a meeting on the third Friday of every month, which will have both educational and experiential learning opportunities, in addition to providing a support group for attendees.

RESILIENCE is full this year, and there's already a waiting list. They hope to offer this program in the future.

To find out more about RESILIENCE, visit their page on

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