Riverfront Trail Artwork Expanding in 2017

GRAND JUNCTION, Colo. - Back in October 2016, the aRT (art on the Riverfront Trail) was started, to transform underpasses along the Riverfront Trail.  Now thanks to the success of the program, it will be expanding later this year. 
“Where there is art, there is vibrancy, there is life, and there is a culture that cares about their community,” said Lorie Gregor, Recreation Coordinator for the city of Grand Junction. 
Artists who took part in the first paintings, think the program is a good thing for the community. 
“There is not enough legal spaces for kids to get out and try their craft, aerosol painting and mural painting in general,” said Matt Goss, a local artist.
With 14 murals complete, the program is looking to not only paint new murals on those spots, but upgrading other blank surfaces are happening. 
“Taking it wherever there is wall space and where we see a need to beautify and really expand our public art program throughout the city,” said Gregor. 
Several locations in Fruita, including sports in the Little Salt Wash Trails, and the south side of the downtown Grand Junction parking garage will be painted. 
“Get more public art going on get more murals in town I think businesses should hire muralists, I think it would beautify the city,” said Goss. 
Gregor says making those upgrades to those parts of the city, brings people together. 
“They want to experience the art, they want to look at it, they want to take selfies with it, they want to interact and play with it, and whole families are coming down to do that,” said Goss. 
The paintings in Grand Junction will be complete October 7th, and the ones in Fruita, September 23rd.
No money from the city goes towards this project, the artists pay for it out of their own pockets. 


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