Rockslide Scrapes Palisade

PALISADE, Colo. - People across the valley who were up early this morning saw and heard a huge rockslide on the Bookcliffs.

While some folks knew what was happening, others heard the massive slide but didn't know what was going on.

"Over there and then it came down like that from that area right up there" points Jeff White in the direction the rockslide occurred.

That was where Jeff White was standing, just two miles of what he says sounded like a dynamite explosion.

"So I heard the boom and just came out here"

Palisade experienced a rockslide Sunday morning near I-70. Residents noticed the plume of dirt from Orchard Mesa to Downtown Grand Junction. The US Geological Survey did not report any earthquakes in the area.

"I got the car and drove around over there and when I got over there, there was no sign"

However, some residents were not aware of what occurred. Lilly McEvoy snapped a photo of what she thought was dirt but what was in reality a cloud of dust from boulders hitting the ground.

"The rocks broke off from there and they went down. And then they hit this rocky area right in here, and then it went this way as it fell"

Others like Cari Forsmann, thought the scraping sounds she heard were coming from her neighbors.

"I was thinking the neighbors were dragging something around outside, but that's what I heard and a little later I looked out the door and it looked like smoke, dust, mist, or something. and I remember opening the door thinking I would smell smoke if it was smoke" said Cari Forsmann, Palisade resident.

Jeff always wondered what it would be like if those boulders came roaring down, little did he know it would one day happen in the back of his yard.

"I get to see a lot of stuff"

The last reported earthquake in Palisade was in 2009 of a magnitude of 2.5. Luckily for the residents in the Grand Valley the Mesa County Sheriff's Office reports no injuries and I-70 remained open.

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