School District 51 adds school days

Two additional days to the 2017 school year

GRAND JUNCTION, CO - Eight years ago School District 51 cut 30 million dollars out of the school budget due to cuts which resulted in cutting five school days. 

Now the district is trying to work those days back into the schedule and it will start this upcoming school year with two additional days. 

Board members also hope to be able to add three more school days in the near future but, they say the only way this will happen is if families vote in November for a mill levy and bond increase the district is proposing. 

Each school day costs our district 625,000 dollars that's just per one day to operate. 

Official's say District 51 is on the low end of the instructional days in comparison to the rest of the state. 

Matther Diers, Executive Director of High School's of District 51 say's, "So District 51 is on the low end on the amount of instructional days in the state of Colorado a lot of school district have as many as 184 school days. School District 51 has 169."

The goal of board members is to reach a total of 172 school days. The additional days for this year will be added to the end of the school year. 

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