School Immunization and Exemption Rates Released

MESA COUNTY, Colo. - Colorado's Health Department recently published school and child care vaccination and exemption rates with School District 51 among the data.
School District 51 representatives said they are average amongst the state for their vaccination and exemption rates.
For the state, 96.3% of students were in compliance with their schools immunization rates, while District 51 numbers show an average of 91.6%. Only 2.6% of students within the state claimed an exemption, while District 51 only has a 1.2% exemption rate. 
If your child is up to date with their immunization records then they are clear and ready to take their records to kindergarten registration; however, if they are not up to date, further actions need to be taken. "If you want an exemption you have to fill out a state form...and submit that, whether you have an exemption or not. If your child is not immunized though, they will have to go home for a certain amount of time if there is ever an outbreak," said Emily Shockley with School District 51.
If you would like to view your child's school's rates among the state, click here to visit the state's department school and child care immunization data website.


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