Scouts Plant American Flags

GRAND JUNCTION, Colo. - The day to honor veterans continued with local scouts recognizing the men and women who fought for our country

Every year the Boy Scout Troop 303 took their time to put up the Avenue of Flags at the Grand Junction VA Medical Center.

Saturday morning the Boy Scouts were accompanied by the Cub Scout 345 followed by some girl scouts.

The scouts planted over 50 American flags, 50 state flags, and 5 service flags.

The flags stood tall till about 4 P.M. Saturday afternoon.

"When the veterans come and see those flags just up in air, just flying on Veterans Day knowing that the community supports them it's just a real honor and these Boy Scouts do a tremendous job" said Stanley Holmes, Grand Junction VA Medical Center.

The flags are donated from families that have lost veterans or family members in combat and are engraved with their names.

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