Sen. Bennet Holds Town Hall in Grand Junction

The Senator spoke with constituents for about an hour

GRAND JUNCTION, Colo. - U.S Lawmakers across the country have come home to rowdy, to say the least, town halls but that was not the case for Sen. Michael Bennet.

The Democrat won his reelection bid in November, but only managed 31.2% of the votes in Mesa County. Friday, in the Colorado Mesa University Meyer Ballroom, it felt like a home crowd as he was greeted with cheers. One issue weighed on the minds of many.

"Healthcare is a huge issue" said Frank Holt.

"Like many people, I'm  very concerned about healthcare" said Betsy Longenecker.

Sure enough, multiple constituents asked the Senator his thoughts on the Republican Replacement for the Affordable Care Act. He prefaced saying that he didn't think the ACA is perfect, but had less friendly thoughts on the American Health Care Act.

"It's not going to pass the senate I can tell you that and I don't think it's going to pass the house" said Sen. Bennet, ""All it is is a reduction in the subsidies, change in subsidies and and change in tax credits, but a reduction in what people get."

Health Care wasn't the only thing on constituents mind's on Friday. When asked about President Trump's budget and the future of environmental regulations, Bennet said he is not in favor of rolling anything back at this time. The Senator pointed to Colorado has having strict regulations, often more so than those on the federal level, in that regard, but also a strong state-wide economy. 

"My question is regarding education," said an attendee named Vicky, "We don't have the wages or the dollars that we need for our schools."

Bennet answered by saying he doesn't believe funding is the fix all but also believes something needs to be done to attract a strong talent pool to education.

"It's a miracle that we get the people that we do to teach. We're have to totally transform that, I think for the 21st-century and we say we care a lot about education, we say we care a lot about teachers, I think we need to start acting like we do."

Bennet says he disagrees with U.S Department of Education Secretary, Betsy DeVos, in that all schools should be held to an equal level of accountability.



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