Shaving Heads for a Good Cause

CLIFTON, Colo. - According to the World Health Organization, every two minutes a child is diagnosed with cancer, and one in five won’t survive.  That is why the St. Baldrick’s Foundation raises money for children cancer research.  On Friday, students and staff at Chatfield Elementary shaved their heads in support.

“It’s for the kids who have cancer, and we are shaving our heads to make them feel more welcomed and to donate to them,” said Kaden Duerrieri, a 5th grader at Chatfield. 
However, it wasn’t just children giving back, teachers also braved the shave.  “I shave my head every year, in memory of my brother Neil, who lost his battle with cancer in 2007,” said Robyn Carmine, 2nd grade teacher at Chatfield. 
65 people ended up getting their head shaved which is almost double of what they did last year.  With all that shaving, it made local hair stylists like Jodi Kamplain busy. 
“It takes a lot of courage to do that, and to know why you are doing that, I was proud of them,” said Kamplain.
Raising money for the cause is all part of a bigger picture for the school.  “(We want) To find a cure, so we don’t have to go to funerals anymore,” said Carmine. 

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