Shaw Sentencing Postponed

Sentencing of Jordan Shaw Will Happen Next Week

GRAND JUNCTION, Colo. - The woman accused of attempting to influence a public servant in the case of Shandie Case appeared in court for her sentencing hearing on Friday, September 8. However, her sentencing has been postponed until next week.

27-year-old Jordan Shaw is one of three people who were accused of being involved in the circumstances surrounding Case's death. An affidavit revealed Case died when she was shot by her common law husband Alexander Fedak, after she and Fedak were pursuing Shaw and Joseph Manzanarez, Jr.

Shaw pleaded guilty to a felony for attempting to influence a public servant, because she was allegedly dishonest with law enforcement about the situation. She pleaded guilty with the agreement that she will receive a community-based sentence.

She was scheduled to receive that sentence on Friday, but Case's family presented new information at the hearing which postponed her sentencing. "The judge wanted to review that before he decided what to do, as he has a variety of options available to him. Including probation, jail time, community corrections, and other things, so that was ultimately set over for a few weeks for the judge to review the information," said District Attorney Dan Rubinstein.

The continuation of Shaw's sentencing is now scheduled for September 14 at 1:00 P.M.

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