Shelledy Elementary School Celebrates Our Local Veterans

The 14th Annual Veterans' Day Celebration Held at Shelledy Elementary School

GRAND JUNCTION, Colo. - The students at Shelledy Elementary School honors our veterans Thursday by putting on a show, and the vets who attended provided knowledge about the hardships and sacrifices made by those serving.

Hundreds of students gathered their chairs on the lawn of the school with families and veterans in the crowd.

The students performed many great patriotic songs from "God Bless the USA" by Lee Greenwood, to "Every Day there are Heroes" by Dave Carrol.

"Here at Shelledy, our students are privileged to know what a veteran is. They know it's someone who served in the military. They know that they should respect and honor them for the time that they've given to this country", says Carol Barger, the Music Teacher of Shelledy Elementary School.

"We believe that there are future generals and admirals in the audience today, that when they see what their U.S. military is, can be, and has done; that may spark in them a desire to join one of the branches of the service", says Gary Parrott, the Commander of the Grand Valley Combined Honor.

This is the 14th Annual Veterans' Day Celebration held at Shelledy Elementary School.

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