Simulated Active Shooter Drill

Drill took place at Public Health and the Workforce Center

GRAND JUNCTION, CO - Mesa County officials and multiple agencies are not waiting for a tragedy to happen they are doing their best to prepare themselves for any given situation.
As today over 150 employees gathered together to perform a simulated active shooter drill.
The scenario was very life like, early this morning authorities received an active shooter call.
Amiee Wride, Standards Supervisor MCDHS, explains what the plan for todays drill was, "We had a situation where an upset father who was upset with one of our child welfare workers came in held a case worker hostage went around through the building shot people, injured them and law enforcement is responding and dealing with all those situations as they come up."
There are multiple reasons for these's drills explains Wride, "We want to prepare our employee's how to respond and be able to put what they've learned from safety training into practice."
The drill took place at Public Health and the Workforce Center.  
"It is a situation that could happen realistically here at DHS and the Health Department," says Wride.
Which is why so many employees were involved she adds, "We've got about 150 employees in there that are participating in this."
Drills like this provide the opportunity to work together say's Heidi Davidson, PIO Grand Junction Police Department, "There's value in it, in us practicing those skills and learning how to cooperate and coordinating with multiple agencies for a large scale response."
Also, why these drills are handled very seriously, adds Davidson, "The whole purpose of these's exercises is so we don't know what's going to happen or when."
Which leads to why these drills are very necessary, "Unfortunately around the country there have been situations where workers have been injured or hurt," says Wride. 
Much planning and thought process goes into forming these drills and it is also why they don't happen often, "We try to do these large scale exercises commonly refereed to as reality based training every year or two," says Davidson.
The planning for this drill began back in April and in the past these drills have covered natural disasters and on campus shooters but every year they are different. 

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