Stephanie Copeland on Economic Division in the State

GRAND JUNCTION, Colo.-The Western Slope hosted the new Executive Director of the Colorado Office of Economic Development and International Trade.

Stephanie Copeland is touring the area Thursday, after being appointed to her new position in January.

She spoke at the Club 20 meetings and we were able to talk with her during a break in her busy schedule.

She said when you have a population that's so divided between the Front Range and the Western Slope, it's always going to feel that all the attention is going to one area.

"From the Governors Office and from an economic development standpoint overall, it does not benefit us as a state if we're not all moving forward together," says Copeland.

"So independent of how much is happening in Denver, Boulder, Fort Collins and Colorado Springs, we've got to make sure that we're providing or helping communities on the Western Slope and on the Eastern Plains with as much support as possible."

Copeland went on to say that she thinks the Western Slope is an ideal location for manufacturing companies because of the skill sets that are required.

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