Still need solar eclipse glasses

Find out where you can still get them

GRAND JUNCTION, CO - While most people in Colorado are headed up towards Wyoming to experience a total solar eclipse those in Grand Junction are preparing as best as they can by getting their hands on solar eclipse glasses simply because, "That's the thing to do today," said Jerry Usher and Ted Tsontos, two friends who have traveled all the way from Florida to see the eclipse. 
But the glasses are a hot commodity, "We've been getting a lot of calls asking for these eclipse glasses because their in such high demand," said Matt Fowler, with Atlasta Solar Center.
He says everyone one is trying to get their hands on a pair of these because, "If you view the solar eclipse without any form of  certified protection, they have to be ISO certified and they have to be able to protect you from the harmful rays of the suns outer edge, which is what we see in an eclipse."
Or as Usher clarifies, "Your going to burn your eyeballs," without the glasses.
These glasses are to see directly at the sun and both Usher and Tsontos say they just haven't had any luck finding some, " We've been to Walgreens, grocery stores, Grease Monkey Garage. We've tried everywhere and been totally unable to find any everywhere we go they tell us that have ran out and they don't know when they are going to get them in."
They say they have also been looking for them in other states, "And not only in Colorado have we not been able to find them but we've been checking in states prior to Colorado; New Mexico and Texas. 
The next eclipse isn't until a few years says Gavin Sullivan, 3rd grader, Appleton Elementary, "We're going to have another until I'm 14."
He adds, "Because my mom says the next time were going to have a solar eclipse is in 2024." 
And Gavin's mother is right. As for those who still want to find them tomorrow a few places including Atlasta Solar Center will be giving 50 glasses to the first to arrive at 10 a.m.
Colorado Mesa University also has plans to offer the glasses to students says Richard Nguyen, CMU Assoiated Student Government, "We are setting up a lot of different locations around campus to where they will able to set up the special sunglasses that you will need to look at the eclipse."

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