Students Share Speeches of Resilience Hoping to Inspire Others

GRAND JUNCTION, Colo. - Our community has experienced a fair share of tragedy this past school year in regards to student suicide.  So to try to lift spirits, students at West Middle School held a special event to help promote resilience. 
Resilience Cafe was an event where students wrote speeches about people who inspired them through their own stories of resilience.  
“We were talking about someone that has been resilient in our own lives, and were just basically saying how they have and what struggles they went through and how we can be resilient in our own,” said Gracie Lyman, 8th grader at West Middle School.  
Lyman shared a speech about how her Grandma overcame cancer. 
“If you listen to that it will probably make you feel like oh yeah I can overcome anything,” said Lyman.
This is the 2nd year that West Middle School has done this event, as they hope to do another in the near future.

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